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POLIESPO, "polisynthetic Esperanto," the world's only invention that greatly speeds human thinking. In the last 3000 years the planet earth has given rise to only one member of the iroquoian family of languages: Poliespo.

"Po" is the abbreviaton of Poliespo which is the life long work of N.I.Sequoyah, a speaker of the iroquoian language Cherokee. N.I.Sequoyah was born in Tahlequah, the capitol of the Cherokee Nation.

As a child he noticed that he could say and think certain expressions much more rapidly in the Cherokee language than in english. He called these Cherokee expressions "Lightning bolts". He also noticed that there were certain expressions that could be pronounced and thought much faster in English than in Cherokee. When he was forced to study spanish in elementary
school he found "lightning bolts" there as well.

A question came to his mind: Why not collect the lightning bolts from various world languages, put them all together and baptize this a newly created world language?

He inquired among his friends, did research in libraries and concluded that no one had ever done that. He decided to do that work himself. Feeling that he was too uneducated to complete such a grandiose task, he decided to study languages, grammar etc., and maybe one day he would be
able to do it.

He named his language "anagalisgi" which is Cherokee for lightning. He learned to fluently speak Esperanto.

Poliespo is a mixture of Esperanto and Cherokee. It is a hybrid between Esperanto and iroquoian linguistics.

It is not possible to be a fluent speaker of Po without being a fluent speaker of Esperanto. Po uses all the affixes and word roots of Esperanto plus 2 Cherokee roots (Osijo = hello and tohoc = is peace, harmony and good health with you?) and over 200 affixes from the Cherokee language.
Poliespo has two parts: Idpo, the polisynthetic part, and Caespo, which is normal Esperanto.

Among the rules of the language are:

If someone doesn't understand a phrase it must be repeated not in idpo but in caespo.

If one needs to express oneself outside of idpo, one uses caespo.

In english and esperanto you have to use at least 3 words to express a subject, a verb and an object. In a polisynthetic language they are often enclosed in one single word.

Linguists classify the world's languages into 4 groups:
1. inflected (latin, greek)
2. aglutinative (japanese, korean, esperanto)
3. isolating (vietnamese, chinese)
4. polisynthetic (cherokee, bask, innuit, aztec)

A good linguist should know at least one of each of the 4 types.
Po provides two birds in one catch since idpo is polisynthetic and caespo is aglutinative.

If everyone became a po speaker, everyone would be an esperantist.
Polisynthetic words are almost always more useful and economic.
With po one has a choice. When idpo is more useful, use it!
When caespo is more useful, use it!

Po is the most rapidthinking language in the world. One may read and write in po faster than in native languages. By computer, one may perform miracles with po.

Imagine for example a born englishspeaking journalist who types all of his articles into his computer in po, presses a button and the computer instantly translates the text into english. Why doesn`t he type it in english? Because he can type faster in po.

Po greatly saves memory space, time, paper and money!

When one gains a new language, one gains a new soul. Po is your golden chance to acquire an Iroquoian spirit.

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